Simple Shoulder Pain Solution

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

                                                      –Leonardo da Vinci

How can you argue with that quote? You can’t! Simplicity is how SCP rolls. My mission is straightforward simple; give you,effective, powerful and results driven strategies for taking back control of your life from pain.

This self made in-the -trenches video clip will show you a simple move to help shoulder pain. All you will use is a ball and strap. I am demonstrating with my CORE4 Strap and Ball.

The video shows the SCP CORE4 RAIL system in action.

Release muscles

Activate muscles

Integrate movement

Lock In relationship

Use the ball to release out trigger points and fascial restrictions. This primes the area for stretching. Stretch the pectorals and shoulder using the SCP Core4 Strap in the doorway. Activate weaker muscles with isometrics integrating the relationship of movement efficiency. Meaning: when you use the shoulder, muscles move at the right time and in the right sequence. Lock in the movement with a baseline body movement of compression on the shoulder like a pushup against the wall…to neural edge tolerance. NO PAIN!

This combination is very effective for relieving many shoulder problems. Give it a try. When the Core4 kit comes out you can purchase the entire program with the strap and ball..

Available right on this website in a week!

Move Smarter…Move Better…Feel Great!




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