3 Cool Things About Your Biceps Femoris

I live for the 3 S’s. They can change your life. What are they?

  • Short
  • Sweet
  • Simple

The solution doesn’t have to be complicated to work. It’s human nature to complicate the shit out of everything. Well I’m here to swing the pendulum back in the other direction. So in that light I’m going to make a short, sweet, simple post about the Biceps Femoris.


They functionally extend the hip, flex the knee, long head laterally rotates the hip and they tilt your pelvis posterior.

They often overwork on the proximal end for an inhibited Glute Max. The Glute Max is supposed to be the most powerful extender of hip. If it’s on vacation your hamstrings step up. They overwork and get pissed. The distal Biceps Femoris is often inhibited. So the brain uses another knee flexor more. Very often it’s the popliteus. That leads to a knee that won’t unlock well. So if your knee or your hip hurts check the BF.

They tighten up to protect you. I mean your body.

Put your feet together so they touch, bend forward and touch your toes without bending your knees. Did you reach? Tight hamstrings? If your hamstrings are tight it’s because they’re trying to protect you. The worst mistake you can make is to stretch the hamstrings without determining what they are trying to protect. Most often it’s a Psoas muscle that’s asleep. To help alleviate a tight hamstring you often have to strengthen the Psoas. The Psoas can be tight and weak.

It’s the only muscle to externally rotate a bent knee.

The muscles that internally rotate a bent knee are the (semimembranosus, semitendinosus, sartorius, gracilis, popliteus.) That’s a pretty big ratio of the internal rotators kicking the ass of the external rotators. If the inside of your knee always hurts maybe you should check to see if your distal biceps femoris works well. My guess is it doesn’t.

Hamstring Muscle Test Prone

That’s me muscle testing the hamstrings in a prone position. Notice the knee is externally rotated. Be sure to keep your ass down.

Full details of how to assess and correct these relationships are available on the Stop Chasing Pain GoPro membership section.

Stay Strong and #sharethemojo