A Perfect Life Is Boring

Making mistakes IS living.

Imagine how boring life would be if everything was perfect and you could fail at nothing. DULL! HUMDRUM! MUNDANE! Anticipation and excitement of the unknown would wither and die. I lived most of my life in search of perfection. In hindsight I think it was all about fear of failure and judgement from others. (Side Note: It’s very liberating when you don’t care what other people think…it’s uber sweet:)

I was so worried about getting it perfect I became immobilized. I learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. The only way I was going to get better was by making lots of mistakes. The people who are the best at something made the most mistakes. That’s what learning is!

I was terrified of public speaking. I mean I would turn red, sweat, shake and have a biological and mental breakdown. 🙂 Now I stand up in front of people all the time and share information with the world. I just kept going and sucking a little less each time.

I had a hard time writing long ago. Would people like what I have to say? Would it make a difference? What if my grammar isn’t correct? What if…blah, blah, blah! What if’s will kill you slowly. Start writing and share yourself. The uniqueness of your writing is that it’s YOU. There is no other you. Put your own life experience into the words.

Don’t be afraid to get your ass kicked. To make a ding in the Universe you have to get dirty. You need to get into the arena and bleed. Otherwise you’re just a spectator or even worse, a critic. People say criticism is necessary for improvement. Bullshit. Feedback is necessary. Criticism is the excuse to cloak being a douchebag.

Here are things that helped me and I hope they can help you…

5 Anti-Perfection To Do Action Steps to start right now:

  1. Make a decision and plan later. Just decide and change course as you go. It might not be the right path, but how in the hell can you know unless you start walking it? One of my favorite people Todd Durkin always says, ‘Ready, FIRE, Aim.’ Choose! Pull the f’ing trigger.
  2. Take the road less traveled. If everyone is going right, go left. Conformity kills courage. Why can’t you be the one to lead? Read the Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Less Traveled’ FRAME IT!
  3. When you fail at something embrace it. Say, ‘Failing is learning!’ ‘Write down what the mistake/failure just taught you. How can I change it to make it different?
  4. Embrace mindfullness. Slow things down. Slow we can form new patterns, fast we fall back on old programmed habits. Stop rushing everything and slow down. Live in the now. Get out of your own way and stop thinking about the what if’s.
  5. Visualize before you actionalize! I made that word up:) What’s in the mind is in the body. How you think changes your biology. Your body cannot tell the difference between real or imagined events. Dreaming anyone? Try this…close your eyes and envision a freshly cut lemon in your hand. Bring it closer to your mouth. Smell the aroma. Now take a big bite and feel the sensation in your mouth. Did your mouth start to water? Did the nerves in your tongue light up? Where’s the lemon? In your head.

So the next time you are scared to fail embrace it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The people in your life that are worth keeping around will be there to support you OR catch you. The others you can kick to the curb.

Now go fail. Go play. Go change the world. I’ll see you on the road less traveled. Be sure to say hi 🙂