All Movement Matters

Every exercise works for someone and any movement can hurt you if you do it carelessly. People often search for the ‘Secret’ exercise to change blah, blah, blah. The dirty little secret is they all work, the mojo depends on when and how you do them.

The power lies in how mindful you are when ya do it.

A few tips for ya:

  1. Be present in the moment. Take your earphones off and feel the movement
  2. Slow it down. If you can do it slow you can do it fast, but just because you can do it fast doesn’t mean you can do it slow.
  3. Breathe. Don’t hold your air
  4. Don’t hold too much tension, especially in the hands, feet, and face. Over bracing is just as bad as not enough.
  5. Don’t let gravity win. Eccentric control. Momentum is your enemy.