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  • The Body Aquarium: Lymphatic Mojo


    Restorative Movement


    SCP 139: Podcast With Ryan Debell

    3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Recovery

    SCP 138: Functional Strength with Kevin Carr

    You Become What You Practice

    Attendee 1

    Attendee 2

    Attendee 3

    Attendee 4

    Attendee 5

    SCP 137: Real Movement with Adam Wolf

    3 Reasons Your Back Keeps Jacking Up

    The Hip Whip

    Why Your Overhead Squat Might Suck

    7 Things I Wish I Did Differently In Chiro School

    Want Trumps Need In Movement

    Why Moving Wrong Is Good

    SCP 136: One on One with Madeline Black

    SCP 135: One on One with David Weinstock of NKT

    Sitting Isn’t Bad: Biology Is Dose Dependent

    The Where You Think It Is, It Ain’t Circle

    SPC 134: One on One with Diane Lee

    Silent Killers of Strength

    SCP 133: Death of the Desk with Missy Bunch

    There Is Only One

    Three Simple Ways To Move Better

    Move First. Walk Second

    SCP 132: One on One with Dr. Mike T. Nelson

    Kicks The Hell Out Of Learning Strategies

    SCP 131: Stephen Braybrook (The Movement Man)

    Where You Think It Is, It Ain’t

    The Easiest Way To Change How You Move

    Three Ways To Quickly Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    What Are Primal Movement Chains?

    Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 18

    Three Crazy Reasons Your Knee Hurts

    Four Ways To Improve Your Life

    What I know #3

    What I Know #2

    What I Know

    Three Ways To Easily and Instantly Improve Your Movement Habits

    SCP 130: Chuck Wolf

    Hip Adductor Mojo

    Small Is BIG

    3 Reasons Your Pelvis Tilts Anterior

    SCP 129: Nick Winkelman

    Hot And Wet Muscles Are Pliable: So Stop Sitting After You Train

    A Disturbingly Simple Way To Help Lower Back Pain

    Piriformis Jacked Up? Your Booty Might Be On Vacation

    3 Cool Things About Your Biceps Femoris

    SCP 128: Nathan Quinn (Body Brain Integration)

    Training Plateau? Stop Making Lefts

    Corrective Exercise Unicorns

    SCP 127: Khaled ELmasri (NorCal Fitness Summit)

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #10

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #9

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #8

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #7

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #6

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances and What To Do About Them #5

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #4

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances And What To Do About Them #3

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances and What To Do About Them #2

    Top 10 Muscle Imbalances and What To Do About Them #1

    SCP 126: Dr. John Rusin The Strength Doc

    10 Warning Signs Your Glutes Are Inhibited

    SCP 125: Power of Sponsorships with Vickie Saunders

    Just Because…

    SCP 124: Power of Sprinting with Franz Snideman

    Instagram Three #1 (Rotation)

    SCP 123: Training Paradigm with Matthew Berenc

    Strength Matters Summit Brain Candy

    Chairs Kill Your Ass, Your Psoas and Your Soul

    SCP 122: Dr. Greg Rose of Titleist Performance Institute

    Hard Roll Mojo

    SCP 121: Strength Matters with Seb and Josh

    SCP 120: Greg Dea

    Shoulder Clock

    SCP 119: Katy Bowman Returns

    3 Cool Things About Your Psoai

    Learning Means Never Growing Up

    A Perfect Life Is Boring

    SCP 118: Jason Glass (The Rotational Athlete)

    Discover Your Kink

    All Movement Matters

    SCP 117: One on One with Andry Vleeming

    Are You Vulnerable?

    SCP 116: Max Shank Ultimate Athleticism

    SCP 115: The Hip with Dr. Ashley Campbell

    ROCK Rehab Rocks!

    114: Adam Wolf, The Biomechanical Detective

    ROCKBALL MOJO (Powerhouse Hand Fascia)

    Taping the Diaphragm (Are You Crazy?)…Ummm Yep

    SCP: 113 Movement with Mike Voight and Lance Gill

    SCP 112: Indian Clubs with Brett Jones and Phil Scarito

    SCP 111: Dan John: Can You Go?

    SCP 110: The Iron Tamer David Whitley

    SCP 109: Sue Falsone, The Shoulder

    Piriformis Syndrome Elusive Obvious

    SCP 108: Josh Hillis (Lose Stubborn Fat)

    Stages of Change (Living the MOJO)

    SCP 107: Parkour Movement Training with Dan Edwardes

    SCP 106: willPower Method with Stacey Lei Krauss

    SCP 105: Strength with Paul Mcllory

    Stop Chasing Pain Anti-Rotation Core Training Kits

    SCP 104: Better Movement with Todd Hargrove

    SCP 103: One on One with Dr. Phil Page

    Failure is a Good Thing

    SCP 102: Running with Andrew Read

    SCP 101: Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

    SCP 100: One on One with Jill Miller

    SCP 099: Movement with Michol Dalcourt

    SCP 098: Web Exercises with Dr. David Cruz

    SCP 097: Underground Strength with Zach Even-Esh

    Get Out of Your Own Way

    SCP 096: Kettlebell Fever Founder James Breese

    SCP 094: Dr. Charlie Weingroff: Lateralizations and Regressions in Training

    SCP 095: One on One with Dr. Rick Daigle

    Sternocleidomastoid: The Obliques of the Neck

    SCP 093: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Pain

    SCP 092: Gray Cook: One on One

    SCP 091: Movement with Dr. Evan Osar

    SCP 090: Magic Happens with Daniella Cippitelli Abruzzo

    SCP 089: Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman

    SCP 088: Dr. Andreo Spina Talks Functional Anatomy

    Chris Flo

    SCP 087: ‘MiniBand Mania’ with Chris Flo

    10 Common Dance Injuries: SCP Style #2 (Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Impingement)

    10 Common Dance Injuries (One at a Time): SCP STYLE

    SCP 086: FAKTR and Movement with Dr. Greg Doerr

    Learning from PAIN!

    SCP 085: Dean Somerset: Post Rehab Essentials 2.0

    SCP 084: Movement, Shoulders and Life with Dr. Mike Reinold

    Ride Longer and Stronger with Rocktape

    SCP 083: Dr. Kathy Dooley talks Anatomy. Movement. Kettlebells

    Fundamentals Make the Difference

    SCP 082: MOJO FEET (It’s all in the foot)

    SCP 081: Tactical Training/Movement with Tony Blauer

    Top 10 Reasons ‘Why’ You Should Invest in the New Gray Cook Video ‘Key Functional Exercises You Should Know.’

    Some Things Never Change: 30+ Years in the Fitness Trenches

    SCP 080: New Rules of Posture with Mary Bond

    SCP 079: MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann

    SCP 078: Dr.Mike Voight: SFMA and Movement Assessment

    SCP 077: Movement Rehab with Mitch Hauschildt

    Simple Shoulder Pain Solution

    SCP 076: Fitness Business and Coaching with Vince Gabrielle

    Dr. Emily Splichal

    Q and A with Dr. Emily Splichal

    45 Things I Have Learned in 45 Years

    SCP 074: Nutrition Essentials with Dr. Mike Roussell

    Diagonal Side Sit (Turbo Style)

    TRX Blitz: Who Says Foot Handles Are Just For Feet

    SCP 073: Exuberant Animal: Change Your Body

    Hip Hinge Proprioception

    SCP 072: Fitness Insights with Brent Brookbush

    Stop Chasing Pain’s Essential Knowledge Bomb Books. BOOM!

    SCP 071: Tai Cheng: Transform Your Body

    SCP 070: The Business of Personal Training with Jon Goodman

    SCP 068: Success Principles with Scott Ginsberg

    SCP 075: Molly Galbraith: Girl Power Gone Strong

    13 Things I Learned and Re-Learned at the Animal Flow Workshop

    SCP 067: Eat, Lift and be Happy with Neghar Fonooni

    SCP 069: In-the-Trenches with Tony Gentilcore

    Diaphragm Dome (black lines)

    10 Things Breathing Patterns Tell Me About Your Body

    SCP 066: Animal Flow Workout with Mike Fitch

    Fundamentals of Fitness Success

    SCP 065: Inside Myofascial Taping with ROCKTAPE

    Upper Cervical (neck) Mobility Self Stretch

    SCP 064: Dr. Emily Splichal (Functional Foot Expert)

    Triple Threat of Knowledge

    SCP Review of Dr. Craig Liebenson’s New DVD Series

    SCP 063: Janda and DNS with Dr. Clare Frank

    Facebook Posts of the Week

    SCP 062: In-the Trenches with Ben Shear

    The ‘Baby GetUp’

    SCP 061: Podcast with Mike Mahler (Live Life Aggressively)

    Is There A Secret To Success?

    The New Stop Chasing Pain

    SCP 060: Expert Panel Podcast #2

    SCP 059: Fascial Manipulation with Dr. Warren Hammer

    SCP 058: Corrective Exercise and The Art of Coaching

    SCP 057: NeuroKinetic Therapy for Pain Relief

    Simplicity Series: 10 Simple Nutrition Strategies That Work!

    How Do You Measure Up?

    Dr. Craig Liebenson’s New DVD Series

    Piriformis and Obturator Muscles Connection

    SCP 056: Stop Chasing Pain Podcast with Adam Farrah

    SCP 055: SFMA and Movement with Dr. Kyle Kiesel

    SCP 054: The Story of Stop Chasing Pain

    Fibromyalgia and What?

    SCP 053: Mass Made Simple with Dan John

    SCP 052: One on One with Graziella Baratta

    SCP 051: One on One with Dana Cavalea (NY Yankees Head Strength Coach)

    SCP 050: One on One with Dr. Craig Liebenson

    SCP 049: Program Design: Creating Effective Workouts

    SCP 048: One on One with Sue Falsone

    The One Blog Post That Can Change Your Life!

    SCP 047: Workout Muse Interval Training

    3-Hour Brain Rush with Joe Dowdell

    SCP 046: Coaching Techniques with Rob Taylor

    SCP 045: Training-Rehab & Rehab-Training with Charlie Weingroff

    A Must Purchase DVD! Training=Rehab Rehab=Training

    SCP 044: SpiderTech Kinesio Taping with Kevin Jardine

    SCP 043: Improve Your Overhead Squat

    SCP 042: The Neuroscience of Movement

    SCP 041: Fitness Performance and Soft Tissue Strategies

    SCP 040: ‘Show and Go’ with Eric Cressey

    SCP 039: Training MMA Fighters with Dewey Nielsen

    My Review of ‘Movement: Functional Movement Systems’ by Gray Cook

    SCP 038: 6-Pack Bags: The Ultimate Meal Management System

    SCP 037: Elite Training for Golfers

    SCP 036: 5 Tips to Explode Your Business with Community Service

    SCP 035: Ultimate Sandbag Training

    SCP 034: Fitness and Fascia with Coach Nick Tumminello

    Indian Club Training

    SCP 033: Indian Club Training with Brett Jones

    Dr. Brooke Kalanick

    SCP 032: Role of the Gut in Health, Weight Loss, and Pain Relief

    SCP 031: Training the Action Sport Athlete

    SCP 030: One on One with Gray Cook

    SCP 029: Training equals Rehab with Charlie Weingroff

    SCP 028: The Hips and Pelvis in Training with Mike Robertson

    My Review of Mark and Tracy Reifkind’s DVD Series

    SCP 027: Super Lats and Kettlebell Swings

    SCP 026: One on One with ‘The Iron Tamer’ David Whitley

    SCP 025: Training the Young Athlete with Geri Ainbinder

    Hormone Optimization Podcast with Mike Mahler

    SCP 024: Hormone Optimization with Mike Mahler

    SCP 023: Golf Performance Expert Ali Gilbert

    My Review of David Whitley’s ‘Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills’

    SCP 022: The ‘Power of 3′ for Speed with Eric D’Agati

    My Review of David Whitley’s (The Iron Tamer) DVD ‘Lessons Of The Old-Time Strongmen

    SCP 021: Conditioning The Professional Rugby Player with Adam Trypas

    SCP 020: The ‘Best Me Ever’ with Geralyn Coopersmith

    SCP 019: Sports Performance with Coach Frank Dolan

    SCP 018: Top 3 From Japan with Chad

    SCP 017: One on One with Carson Boddicker

    SCP 016: Athletic Development with David Lasnier

    SCP 015: One on One with Coach Dos

    Earn The Right To Train with Dr. Mark Cheng

    SCP 014: Earn The Right To Train with Dr. Mark Cheng

    SCP 013: Train Like An Athlete with Nick Grantham

    SCP 012: Fitness Excellence with Michael Seril

    SCP 011: Interview with Brett Jones

    Chris Flo

    SCP 010: Athletic Training with Chris Flo

    SCP 009: TRX Suspension Training for Rehabilitation