Blood Flow Mojo

Tight tissue does not accept blood flow well. Poor blood flow means poor oxygen delivery/nutrients into a cell and poor waste removal away from an injury and out of the body. This causes chronic pain, inflammation, dis-ease, and poor recovery/performance.

1-Day Webcast. If you cannot attend live no need to worry. Webcast will be recorded and you have access to the recording for life!

Register and you get webcast slides, notes, pre-course videos and full webcast.  Q and A with Dr. Perry during the event and post workshop Q and A.

Hands on manual resets to help direct blood flow for healing. Blood Flow Mojo based on the original blood flow restriction approach of using your hands.

Who can attend? Anyone with a pulse is good to go. All humans.

Learn techniques Dr. Perry uses every day and teaches his clients to help themselves recover from inflammation and chronic pain. Master your blood flow!!

Cells need blood flow to function and heal. If they can’t get adequate blood flow they cannot optimally heal. Tightness, tension, stress, trauma, compensations, (otherwise known as life) can create what we call blood flow ‘Chokepoints.’ These chokepoints should be assessed and released in a specific order to ensure adequate delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues and waste removal.

Too little blood flow in one place causes too much blood flow in another. This can lead to pain and dysfunction in either place. And the Chokepoints can be far removed from the site of pain. That’s the power of Blood Flow Mojo. Looking at the entire fluid flow system. Too little blood flow leads to hypoxia (tissue oxygen starvation) and too much blood flow leads to hyperemia (over saturation of flow).

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • When nothing helps and you feel lost
  • Your tests don’t show anything and yet you are still suffering
  • You have pain to the touch
  • Blood tests are normal and you are still in pain
  • When you want to go harder, faster, stronger, and longer in life but you keep hitting a wall – the training plateau
  • Athletes wanting optimal performance
  • Chronic tightness, stiffness, pain and muscle cramping
  • Chronic pain that does not respond to the usual therapy approaches

“ Cerebrospinal fluid, interstitial fluid, lymphatic fluid, urinal fluid, synovial fluid, vascular fluid. If any of these fluids are blocked in normal physiologic movement, expect consequences, often severe, in the whole-organism movement patterns.” – Phillip Beach, DO

No system on the body ever works alone. Never gets injured alone. Never heals alone. There is no such thing as an isolated injury. There is no such thing as isolated healing. You are only as strong and resilient as your most vulnerable system. And it’s most often the non-painful one. Pain only tells you there is a problem it does not tell you what or where it is. Pain is a request for change. A change in how you look at blood flow is what we teach you in this course.

You need to stop chasing symptoms and focus on the Blood Flow Mojo patterns of the body: Artery flow and vein flow. Arteries bring nutrients to tissues and veins remove the waste from the tissues after they use the nutrients. All of the flow points are interconnected. You just need to learn their pressure patterns and how they communicate to optimize healing.

We show you how…

Stop isolating body parts and start thinking like an engineer. Engineers look at how systems interact and their relationship to the function of the whole. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The body is the sum of the interaction of the parts.


  • Neuroception:  the role of non-conscious sensory input and the threat response.  A major premise of this course. Summed up by Ida Rolf ‘Where you think it is, it ain’t.’  We show you how to take care of the pain you don’t know about (chokepoints) to help the pain that won’t leave you lone.
  • The Law of Hydrodynamics (fluid flow) from physics applied to the body.  How the lack of flow/increase of flow pressure in one location of the body leads to pain somewhere else. Most often it’s not at the site of pain. That is why chronic pain is so elusive.
  • Chokepoints: Poor blood flow points in larger arteries and veins block the flow in smaller ones causing symptoms. Learn where the major Chokepoints are located. Up to 80% of the blood resides in the veins. Crucial to work the key stagnation vein points.

What you will learn:

  • Major Blood Flow Chokepoints (BFC’s) in the arms, legs, spine, pelvis, abdomen and head to increase flow
  • Why the points in the abdomen influence them all and how to reset the Base Zone Point (BZP) of the aorta (major artery) and the vena cava (major vein)
  • Self-treatment techniques for quick circulation balance
  • Using a vibration ball on all the key Chokepoints in order
  • Using vibration techniques to restore blood/lymph flow
  • Fitness applications for strength and power
  • Quick recovery and regeneration tactics
  • How to blood flush the pelvis and legs
  • Shoulder flushes for the arms
  • Knee pulse points to help lower back pain
  • Low back and neck pain resets
  • Elbow blood flow pumping techniques
  • Headaches and blood flow
  • Blood Flow pumping and blocking techniques for pain
  • Ribcage resets for optimal breathing – New techniques
  • 35 Pulse Points of the body

You dont have to feel powerless anymore. You can take back control of your health by learning Blood Flow Mojo.  Its time for self-empowerment and optimal fluid flow!

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