Dynamic Moving Side Sit

One of my favorite ground based movements for the body is the Dynamic Moving Side Sit. Part of my True Strength Restorative Movement streaming video where I show you all of my favorites that I teach in workshops and it is available here >>> TRUE STRENGTH STREAM 

Five reasons why it is so helpful?

  1. The shoulder is the first load bearing joint in the body and this helps re-establish closed chain shoulder stabilization. You will feel big changes in the shoulder complex.

2. You learn to disassociate upper and lower body in a low threshold (stabilizing environment). This is critical to carryover when standing up and doing twisting motions with the feet planted. 

3. Because you don’t do it now. Simply changing and adding new variables in movement can help body resilience.

 4. Improved motor control patterning. Motor control is the way in which the nervous system coordinates movement. It is sensory driven. That is critical to understand. So the more of your body that is in contact with the ground the more you can influence motor control. The solution doesn’t have to be difficult to work.

5. Lifting your body off of the floor engages the central core brace. Meaning, everything contracts. It also mimics primal patterns you did as a child when moving from location to location. These are neural patterns grooved in your brain circuity and when you re-ignite them the body feels energized. The brain never forgets.

Here is the move…have fun and play.

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Dr. Perry