Lymphatic Mojo – New Jersey 2019

  • Friday
    February 8, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm


One day exclusive workshop all about the most important and neglected system in your body for pain and autoimmune disease.


Our newest workshop teaching you in depth assessment and treatment techniques of the system nobody talks about.


Hands on intensive workshop covering some of the following life changing information:

  • What is the lymphatic system and what role does it play in rehab
  • Learn to palpate and assess 10 critical areas for inflammation
  • How the gut and organs play a role in the lymph system and inhibiting core engagement
  • How the brain is impacted by an inflamed lymphatic system
  • The 5 minute lymphatic hack. Quick and easy release of the primary areas by hand
  • Why releasing too hard makes you worse
  • The 4 step release and stimulation process.
  • Movement to stimulate lymphatic flow
  • Breathing and lymphatic system. Relaxation and flight or flight breathing techniques
  • Advanced techniques for chronic lymphatic issues
  • Why you can’t lose weight when your lymph is clogged and toxic

Great course for ALL movement enthusiast of ALL levels.  Movement-based material because only two things move-lymph.  Movement and breathing.   This workshop will show just that.

Excellent course for personal trainers.  Learn to show your clients how to release the Lymph which eliminates or reduces the need for foam rolling and lots of prehab work.

Updated workshop now includes breathing techniques.

This class is for everyone with all levels of experience! 



If you have been searching for the missing link in your pain problem or training plateau this is it! The lymphatic system trumps all other systems and rules the movement and rehab road.

Your energy and vitality are waiting.


11 NJ Route 15, Lafayette, New Jersey, 07848, United States


11 NJ Route 15
Lafayette NJ 07848