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December 12, 2011

Since I have a slight addiction to Facebook (just a little one). I realized I post so much on my Stop Chasing Pain Fan Page that my blog was getting lonely and neglected. We can’t have that! So I decided to take posts from the Facebook and put them on the blog. Multitasking at it’s best! I have my moments of clarity. 🙂 Below are links, rants, videos, and various fluff that flies out of my cranium. Enjoy and feel free to share. Also, spread the word on the Facebook page too. Trying to take the #SCP message Uber Viral! lol Oh and also follow me on Twitter. I go even more nuts on that outlet.

Ok here we go. Buckle up!

The awesomely spectacular and cool Laree Draper posted a link to some short clips of speakers at the Perform Better Summit. COOLIO! Join her blog ASAP!


Very cool video of a workout routine that I use to get lean. Ginastica Natural


Many people think that body weight training is simply too easy. WRONG! It is actually way more challenging than weight training. Why? Vectors and gravity! People who think this way have most likely never trained in a real way with their own body weight. Do a set of crunches on the ab machine then do a set of bear crawls up and down a hill. Bet I know which one kicked your ass more and you probably don’t want to do it again cause it was really hard. 🙂


“Animals have highly functional conditioned muscles, most human beings have what you might call counterfeit muscle (assuming of course, that they have any muscle at all). Counterfeit muscles may look great, but they are not functional. Much like counterfeit money, they look good at first, but are not worth anything in the long run. Counterfeit muscles are the exact opposite of what animal’s posses.”-David Nordmark (So true)

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”-Thomas Jefferson

Great talk from TED on how the brain is all about movement. I really enjoyed this presentation.


‎”Many healthcare providers continue to employ a ‘one trick’ approach with LBP patients and assume LBP is a homogenous condition. For example, some use only spinal manipulation, others only ultrasound on every LBP patient.”-Thistle (Don’t be a one trick pony! Integrate and treat every back pain client uniquely based on their history. No cookie cutter programs) that part was me.

“It is well established that most imaging findings, particularly degenerative changes, correlate poorly with clinical presentation (many people still fail to grasp this concept). Despite this, radiographic and advanced imaging is routinely ordered for many LBP patients in primary care settings.”-Shawn Thistle (My take: Imaging is just a tool for helping you dig deeper into what is going on with the person.)

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”-Einstein (Got that right)

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”-Einstein

4-hours of Gray Cook talking or 4 years in school? I picked up more real world applicable knowledge in the 4 hours and saved 50K. Lol how do I know? I did the school route already. 😉 Here is a link to purchase his new DVD


“A habit is making that; a habit is breaking that.”-Gray Cook (Grays new DVD will be available for purchase on my website this weekend. Get one! Santa says you should have a functional Christmas)

Want referrals? Treat clients like family. The family you like, not the ones that drive you crazy. Just wanted to put that small caveat in there. Lol

Just a thought. But when you see me to help your knee pain and everyone else on the planet has looked at the knee and you are not feeling any better. Guess where I am NOT gonna look? I will give ya one guess. Just sayin’

“The stability of the whole is guaranteed by the instability of its parts.”-Karin Meienburg (Great quote. Another way to verbalize the concept of self limiting exercise)

Stability is not about strength. It is about balance, coordination, timing and symmetry. Or as I like to call it ‘sequencing.’ That’s why if I get a big powerful athlete down on the ground I suspect has a fundamental stability dysfunction and ask him to roll he can’t move. He can’t power thru and cheat with strength. It is all about stability and sequencing. The ground is the great equalizer.

Ok so I feel like giving you a glimpse inside my thought process. I have one mission. Help people and share with you parts of how I do it. You come to me with patella tendinitis that nobody has helped. Ok first thing, patella tendinitis ui a symptom not a diagnosis. Why? How did you get it? Look at muscle sequencing and patterning from foot to head. So many possibilities. What’s one? A prior shoulder injury that weakens your glenohumeral stabilizers, so now your global movers take over. Fascia gets stretched, you lose stability, you get locked down in the t-spine. Lats tie into glute fascia. Head goes forward due to lack if t-spine motion. Deep neck flexors inhibited, Psoas goes facilitated or inhibited. Can be either! Now lower quadrant reacts to hop flexion and tissue extensibility in the hip. You alter mechanics of hip flexion and patella now tracks wrong or timing is off. Your diaphragm is restricted effecting IAP and fascia attachment to QL and Psoas. So can your shoulder feed the dysfunctional pattern to cause knee pain. You bet your ass it can! And this is just one possibility. Lesson: Look at everything.

What's under the hood?
What’s under the hood?

Nice car. However, what’s under the hood? Do you have a red warning light on your dashboard too? Pretty much don’t matter what the outside looks like except for vanity. Same for the human body. Outside may be nice, hot, shiny and pristine. However, what ya got underneath? Is your foot on the brake and gas at the same time? If you have a red warning light on your dash (pain), looks mean nothing. You still have to pull over to the side of the road and see what’s wrong. Ferrari or Prius? All needs servicing and maintenance for performance. If you can’t pass my basic fundamental function evaluation, there is trouble on the way. Lift your hood once and awhile. So to speak. lol

Doc, can you give me some exercises to help my lower back? Actually no I can’t. Why? Because it is YOUR lower back and I don’t know why it is hurting. Your back deserves unique exercises based on YOU. There are many things that can cause back pain and to assume a generic exercise plan will fix it is like taking someone else’s medication. Just because it worked for them does not mean it will work for you. Oh it might help for a short time if you are lucky, but you may also be making it worse in the long run. Let me see how you move and then I can tell you what you need. And it just might be about taking exercises away to get better and not simply adding more. Hummmmmm

The same movement dysfunction and Fascial connection compensation mechanism that is responsible for shoulder injury can contribute to knee injury. How? Look at the Fascial lines and see how they all interconnect. Weakness or dysfunction in central movers and stabilizers will feed the dysfunction. Psoas, QL, Lats, and diaphragm to name a few. So while it initially seems like they are totally unrelated areas and conditions, if you understand the compensation mechanism and amazing ability for the body to adapt and survive you realize anything is possible. Every person adapts in THEIR own way, so there is no cookie cutter patern. Stepping outside of your paradigm to see it is the challenge. Take a course in MAT, DNS, SFMA or NKT to really just touch the tip of understanding how and what the body does to survive.

Synergist, antagonist, facilitation, inhibition, neural adaptation, compensation, dysfunction. survival. These are all the terms that come into play when you want to know how weak glutes can contribute to lower extremity problems. Then ya got joints thrown into the mix and reactive core stabilizers to consider. Just one possible muscle that can be a factor. Sequencing is key. Regional Interdependence 101. The moment you just look at the lower extremity as the cause, you just got Punked! Lol

I champion an out of the box thinking clinical paradigm when I evaluate clients. Following the norm is usually the reason new clients come to me in pain. I need to open up my paradigm beyond conventional wisdom. Even when it looks and sounds crazy. I have found crazy usually works. Lol

Also one last thought. Join me in wishing my dear friend Ben Bruno a speedy recovery from his knee scope. Those are never fun! Heal quick brother. Check out his blog for awesome link related content and the famous ‘Reads of the Week.’