Facial Lymph Nodes: Headaches and TMJ

August 23, 2017

Did you know you have lymph nodes on your face? Did you know when they get clogged and inflamed they can cause headaches, sinus problems, eye issues, and jaw pain? Have you ever heard of your lymphatic system? Did you know it’s the most important yet overlooked cause of pain and illness?

Don’t worry most doctors don’t even know the power of the lymphatics. Now you are gonna learn a simple place to check for problems you have been unable to help.

So let’s get started.

Four cool facts about the lymphatic system:

  1. It’s a close looped system. Meaning, if there is inflammation in a primary node (there are over 700) it can cause pain and discomfort anywhere else in the body.
  2. Lymph is clear: It’s composed of 90% water, 10% (waste, protein, hormones)
  3. Placed end to end, all the lymph vessels in the body would cover a distance in excess of 100,000 miles, which could circle the globe four times!

  4. There are 15 liters for Lymphatic fluid in body. Holy hell that’s a lot! That’s three times more than the amount of blood. Think about that a moment. Might be important. Your body must recycle three liters a day.

Watch Video of how to assess here:

Don’t Forget These Three Things
  1. The lymphatic system is always involved with every chronic pain problem.
  2. Lymph nodes should never be swollen or painful to the touch.
  3. It’s a close looped system and inflammation in a face node can wreak havoc any place else.
Do These Three Things Right Now
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  • Move more of yours elf more often. Movement moves lymph.
  • Don’t be afraid to push hard on the lymph points.
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