Foam Rolling Bashing?

Ok, so there seems to be some bashing going on around about foam rolling. Some say it’s not really effective and that it can hurt ya, and it’s better to do all these other techniques. Well, let me tell ya from my perspective from being in the real world trenches everyday with clients needing help…foam rolling is crucial. Most people never do anything for their facial system and few have ever used the foam roll.

In our fitness world it may seem different because we see people use it all the time, but for the average person, it ain’t happening. Being in the healthcare field I understand human nature of dealing with pain. If nothing hurts, people think they are healthy…and if it does hurt, ignore it until it goes away…when it comes back again, then seek help and want to get fixed in one visit. Hello reality!!

Foam rolling is an art form and you can get hurt if you do it wrong or are not a candidate for it. It is up to you, the professional to teach people the correct techniques for rolling. I will have another post coming that talks about techniques and when to not do foam rolling.

I can change  persons life with a foam roller, tennis ball, rope and a mini-band. Addressing soft tissue in any format is always a positive. So, don’t be so quick to be hard on the foam roll…in my opinion it is one the most effective form of self treatment therapies available to the public.