Four Ways To Improve Your Life

Step 1: Move more often, not just when you exercise

If you really think about it, you move for such a minuscule period of your day and week. You can’t make up for sitting on your ass, taking the escalators, riding the elevator, and driving everywhere by exercising 45 minutes a few days a week. Nature doesn’t work that way. Is it better than nothing? That depends, do you just want to look better OR look, move and feel better . Moving more means means moving more often. Moving for 60-minutes isn’t the same as moving 4 different times at 15 minutes each. Every opportunity you have to make life more inconvenient take it. Inconvenience cultivates motion.

Step #2: Drink more water

Your body has über water content. When dehydrated your nervous system goes quick, fast and in a hurry to survival mode. When you hit survival mode (anti-death mode) your brain is concerned with one thing, not dying. You can’t thrive when dehydrated, you only survive. Improving your body is thriving. Diet and exercise won’t do much if you you are dehydrated. You will actually make yourself physically ill. How much water should you drink? More than you are now! Start by stopping or reducing the intake of juices, sodas, coffees and replace it with H2O. Simply start with an extra glass a day in the morning for a week. See how you feel. And then work up to more.

Step 3: Take power naps

Yes, be like your Grandfather and take a nap. It does the body good. A quick 15-minute power nap will kickstart your brain and body. You just have to stop your brain from thinking a 1,000 things a second. Leonardo DaVinci used to only sleep 15 minutes every 4-hours. That’s its. No long night 8 hours sleep. Now I’m not telling you to do that; just start with a single power nap a day. Set your phone alarm and go. It’s gonna take practice, but will be well worth the effort. Even if you don’t fall asleep at least you relaxed for a few minutes away from the daily chaos. Hell, you just might come to some serious revelations in your life.

Step #4: If it comes in a box don’t eat it

Yep, that’s about 90% of the grocery store. Start slow and just do it for one meal a day in the beginning, preferably breakfast. It starts your day off better. Then work to more meals. When you get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired this option becomes more appealing. It’s not easy to drop the box. Nothing of great value ever is. Nutrition is the key to longevity. It trumps exercise in my opinion. Eating like shit makes you feel like shit. Once again it comes back to inconvenience. It’s easy to open a box, throw it in the microwave and chow down. It’s a pain in the ass to shop fresh, cut stuff up, prepare meals and cook. But if you want to look and feel great it’s worth it. Everything comes down to how bad you want it. The sad part is in the economy of today the cheaper processed foods are often all people can afford. A disgrace that we can’t give everyone an affordable healthy option? In that case, do the best you can and start doing more of #1 #2 and 3

Bonus Step: Laugh and smile more

Pain doesn’t like happiness and your happy hormones are great for biology. Stop spending time around Energy Vampires. I call them life suckers! They are not hard to spot. If you spend time with them and you feel exhausted that’s a vampire. If you feel more energy when with them they aren’t.

The biggest reason people fail in their quest to change poor habits is they try to change too much too soon. So start off easy and work your way up. Here’s my suggestion. Start with the bonus. How hard is it to smile? Then do #1…#2…#4…#3.

Stay Strong and #sharethemojo,