Fundamentals Make the Difference

I recently watched a new DVD by awesome teacher and mentor Dan John on the topic of systems approach to coaching and training. I highly recommend it. Here is a link: DVD LINK

Also included is a great section by Chip Conrad on creating an holistic athlete.

It got me thinking more about the fundamentals of creating a healthy lifestyle. A simple guide to achieving YOUR health and fitness goals. We often over complicate so many things in life making it more difficult than it really has to be. Why? Perhaps it appears more elusive making us feel better about ourselves. Who knows.

I have been working out and exercising since I was 14 years old. I am now 47. I have walked the talk for a long time and seen so many fads come and go. Everybody throws in their two-cents of what works best. Here is the dirty little secret…EVERYTHING WORKS for a little while. Then it stops working, or you get hurt, or quit, or get bored. Dan John said, and I paraphrase…‘even the dumbest things work for a little while.’

So I decided to make a short Top 10 list of health and fitness fundamentals that have always been there over the decades. They always worked for me. They are not glamorous and they are not secrets. In fact, most fundamentals are basic and boring common sense things. But, as any great coach will tell you, ‘champions are created by mastering the fundamentals.’ Champions do what others don’t. Slick, quick, and easy don’t cut it in the health and fitness game. Long term steps towards the end goal taken one at a time are what rules the road.

Here are the first 10 steps…

1. Move better and move more. Move everyday with something you love and have fun doing it. (Walk, run, hike, bike, dance, etc….you choose). If you hate doing it, don’t do it. If you hate it you will eventually quit!
2. If it comes in a box, don’t eat it. Processed foods are dead foods.
3. Stop drinking juices, sodas, and coffee. Or simply reduce coffee consumption
4. Drink more water
5. Sleep more
6. Have cheat meals every week. Simply reduce the number of them until you no longer want them.
7. Get community support form like minded people
8. Weight train (push, pull, carry and squat something)
9. Keep a checklist food journal
10. Don’t starve yourself. EAT.
11. Bonus…REPEAT 1-10

So there you have it. It ain’t rocket science. If you do these 10 things you will look and feel better. The most important part of any journey is the first step, so start with number one and simply MOVE MORE. Take the stairs and not the escalator. Congratulate yourself. You just did what 98% of most people will not do. You are already a CHAMPION. That is a great thing!

If you have other things that can go into the top 10 or have your own list I would love to see them. LEt’s help each other and make a difference!