Glymphatic Mojo – December 18th, 2021 Webcast

Date: December 18th, 2021 (8 AM to 4 PM - EST)

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Glymphatic Mojo: Advanced Lymphatic Techniques for the Neck, Head and Brain

Prerequisite to registration: Must have attended Body Aquarium: Lymphatic Mojo 2-Day Webcast or In-Person Course

“Each day, the adult brain eliminates a quarter of an ounce of worn-out proteins that must be
replaced with newly made ones, a figure that translates into the replacement of half a pound of debris a month and three pounds, the brain’s own weight, over the course of a year.

To survive, the brain must have some way of flushing out debris. It is inconceivable that an organ so finely tuned to producing thoughts and actions would lack an efficient waste disposal
system. ” -Maiken Nedergaard and Steven A. Goldman

Now imagine if it didn’t drain well? You get brain inflammation and that may result in all types of symptoms and conditions. We know the brain rules the road. Better keep it clean. We show ya how.

We use these techniques every day on patients and teach people self-help techniques. You can do this advanced work yourself or others depending on your profession.

If you loved Lymphatic Mojo strap your brain in for this one. Pun intended. Dr. Perry will expand on basic techniques and level to advanced resets for the head, neck, and brain.

One-third of the 600-700 lymph nodes in the body are from the neck up. That tells you something. What? You must always work on the head and neck to clear inflammation in the body.

Working on proper fluid dynamics of waste removal in the body may help with:
Stubborn and complicated cases that are not resolving
Long Hauler Syndrome (fantastic results for syndrome)
Brain fog
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic PainHeadaches
Neurodegenerative conditions
Brain inflammation
Include in a (Traumatic Brain Injury) TBI (Post Concussion Syndrome) PCS program
Sympathetic Dominance
And more…

Some of what you will learn:
● Glymphatic Drainage Pathways
● Meningeal Drainage Pathways
● Venous Drainage Pathways
● Cranial Nerve Drainage Pathways
● Brain Pump Techniques
● Sacral Pump Techniques
● Sternum Pumps
● Deep Cervical Lymph Node Stripping
● Sympathetic Nervous System Reset
● Sway Test
● Cerebrospinal Fluid Backflow
● Hydrodynamic Backflow Choke Points
● Role of Glial Cells (Microglia, Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes)
● Cranial Resets:
*Occiput lift
*Sphenoid resets
*Jugular foramen resets
*Fourth ventricle resets
*Hard palate resets
*Frontal bone and cribriform plate resets
● Hypothalamus and Blood-Brain Barrier


Step by step system to reboot the drainage system of the body for optimal healing. See you there! You will never look at the body the same way again. Check the win box.

One Day Intensive Webcast
As always the webcast will be recorded and available for lifelong streaming a few days after the course if you cannot attend it LIVE. You will also have access to the full presentation and video vault access to additional instructional videos that are continuously updated.