Gut Mojo Workshop

It’s here! The new mini-workshop GUT MOJO. 4-hours teaching you the self care techniques we recommend for improving and restoring gut health.

Are you struggling to get better from gut issues?

I’ve been there. I know how it feels. I went through every gut healing program you could imagine and yet I was not getting better. It’s overwhelming. So much information. So many programs. So many supplements. So many conflicting options. Where do you start?

At Stop Chasing Pain we start with the basics and fundamentals. How well you know the basics and fundamentals influences how well you learn everything afterwards. Checking the Basics Boxes off for good gut health. Overlook these and you will always struggle to get well.

The NON-DIETARY approach to gut health!

One of the biggest problems is people taking too many supplements and the body can’t break them down and metabolize them. Think liver. Think stomach acid.

Learn our Top 10 Fundamentals of GUT HEALTH

What are they?
In GUT MOJO we will teach you. Here are a few…

    Work from the brain down starting with Vagus nerve function. Cranial nerve number 10 (Vagus Nerve) influences gut blood flow and digestion. You must have an optimal vagus nerve to have a healthy gut. If you don’t own cranial nerve 10 you will not own the gut. Brains and guts go together. Learn vagus nerve stimulation techniques.

    Adequate stomach acid. This is the first step in gut health. Food must be broken down in the stomach to be used by the body. If it’s not broken down, the immune system will increase inflammation breaking down the gut lining. Poor vagus nerve function causes low stomach acid. If you don’t have enough stomach acid you will always have gut inflammation. We will teach you how to assess it and balance it.
    Clear lymphatics. 80% of your immune system lives in your gut and most of your lymph does too. That’s no accident. The lymphatic system is the most important and neglected system in the body to help you heal. It’s part of your immune system and vascular system of blood flow.
    Resetting the diaphragm muscle. Breathing moves organs and organs must move to function well. Breathing also moves lymph and blood flow in the abdomen. Poor breathing leads to poor gut function.
    Lungs and guts share microbiota. Bacteria. Blocked lungs can impact gut flora which makes a difference in how well they function. Guts need diversity in bacteria. Lack of diversity in the gut bacteria increases inflammation from biofilm (think shelter for toxins) and the likelihood of leaky gut syndrome.

And much more…

Sometimes you get better from what you stop doing, not what you start doing. We will share with you the top three mistakes that we see people make when trying to heal the gut.

Take back control of your health. Learn selfcare gut health with us. GUT MOJO. It’s a life changer.

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