Hard Roll Mojo

March 5, 2016

Rolling patterns are neural nitro for your brain. They ignite dormant movement patterns that have been asleep since you were down on the ground sucking your thumb looking around for Mommy.

Rolling patterns are how we all learned to move. Connecting the upper and lower body together in sequential patterning. If you wanted to get over to your stomach from your back you had to roll in order to do it. If you wanted to get on your back you rolled back over.

I have written many article about rolling patterns and here is one ROLLING ARTICLE. Rolling is my favorite top of the food chain in movement correctives. Rolling is hard work. It will kick your ass in the beginning. Don’t let the simplicity of it fool ya.

So what can you do when you have mastered what we call the ‘Soft Roll?’ Well you move into a more hardcore ‘Hard Roll!’ This requires efficient mobility in your hips and thoracic spine to accomplish, unless you regress it back and use something to help you meet elbow and knee together (like a ball). That’s what I am doing in the video. It’s also how you can work up to the full roll where the knee and elbow touch each other. increasing the distance from knee to elbow makes it easier to pattern.

When should you do this?

Whenever you want. Great for a corrective movement and a primer before workouts. Makes you a badass.

How many should you do?

Depends on how many you can do the right way. I always shoot for 4 rolls each pattern. Right elbow to left knee go left and right 4 times. Left elbow to right knee go left and right four times.

Why should you do them?

Because you don’t do them now. Movement variability is key. Your brain will remember these patterns and it will rewire old pathways and make them new again. Plus it’s a challenge and fun.

Some Essentials:

  • Breathe. Don’t hold your breath
  • Do not use momentum. Speed hides need. If you can’t do it slowly you don’t own it
  • Relax your hands and feet. Do not carry excess tension in the extremities.
  • Relax your jaw. No clenching. Drive from the center core out, not your mouth
    If you cannot do 1-4 after practicing go back to the soft roll and own it and then come back. (See article link above for how to soft roll) Videos on the way soon to show them too
  • Have fun. Rock and Roll See you on the ground.

Below are links to two videos on the Hard Roll…one with me and the other with my man Chris Flo.