Hip Hinge Proprioception

Feeling the Hip Hinge

Using the dowel rod to teach the hip hinge while getting thoracic spine extension, glenohumeral joint external rotation and opening up the chest is a kick ass combination. I use with every client. Talk about simple multi-tasking!

What are some of the primary issues people suffer from in today’s society?

  • Rounded shoulders 
  • Rounded upper back
  • Bending at the waist and not the hips
  • Weak lats
  • Unstable shoulder blades
  • Weak scapular retractors

So why not get all these with one shot? Makes sense to me.

Try this movement by watching the video.

A few key tactics for success:

  • Keep feet shoulder width apart at minimum 
  • Hold dowel rod behind you with under hand grip about 6 inches away from each hip
  • Stand nice and tall throwing out chest and extending arms behind you without bending the elbows
  • Keep the neck neutral
  • Squeeze the lats and engage the shoulder blades
  • Sit back and down hinging at the hips until your ass hits the rod
  • Keep arms extended during hinge
  • If you bend at the waist you will not hit the rod.

Now go have fun with your clients and rock the dowel rod! If you don’t have one, go get one!