Hot And Wet Muscles Are Pliable: So Stop Sitting After You Train

June 2, 2016

Hot and wet muscles are pliable, so for goodness sakes stop sitting after you train.

Warmed up muscles are like clay, you can shape and mold them to the sculpture you desire. Sit in a chair to cool down and you mold to the chair. Who the hell wants to look like a chair?

Muscle movement memory controls and shapes posture and habitual movement patterns. Muscles with a dysfunctional movement memory keep shortening and seem to always need stretching.

If you don’t change muscle movement memory, nothing truly changes. The body simply molds back into the shape it’s used to being in because it’s all it knows. The dysfunctional pattern and shape is the new normal. So why change? We usually don’t until…

PAIN hits ya. Pain is a request for change. A change in how you move and how you think.

Change how you think and you change how you move

Change how you move and you change how you think

Try it:

Sit, slouch and frown. How do you feel? Probably like crap. Stand tall and throw your shoulders back. How do you feel? Lean and mean.

Now think back to a time when you were depressed or sad. How are you moving? Think back to a time when you were really happy and life seemed great. How are you moving?

How you think changes your biology

You spend 30-60 minutes moving muscles with your favorite form of exercise, don’t neglect them at the finish line. This is the perfect opportunity to sculpt and change muscle movement memory. Move on the ground and work your way back up.

Going from the ground to standing is a birthright. That’s what you spent the majority of your early life trying to accomplish. Standing up! Learning to move so you could walk. Not sit all damn day.

Here’s a simple solution.

Before you head to the locker room to shower and clean up for the sitting car ride, so you can go sit even more at the office or home, take time to do these three simple drills. Consider these your cool down and sculpt up routine See how much better you feel.


Do these three things on the pliable playground. (otherwise known as the floor).

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Rolling Patterns (Do 4)

Upper Rolling from Dr. Perry Nickelston on Vimeo.

Lower Rolling from Dr. Perry Nickelston on Vimeo.

Military Crawl (Do 10 forwards and 10 backwards)

MilitaryCrawl from Dr. Perry Nickelston on Vimeo.

Reverse Salamander (Do 4 each side)

From start position slide one leg straight backwards and slowly resists body falling to the ground. Slide the leg back to start position and repeat on the other side. Do 4 each side alternating. This will kick your ass! Nice.

Have Fun!