How Do You Measure Up?

June 23, 2011

How do you measure success?

Ok so how do you measure success or failure with any endeavor? There must be some type of system of measurement to determine if what you are doing is actually working. You need a benchmark of accountability to help you reach the end goal. Yes?

So what are some situations where we measure success or failure?

Losing weight:
We use a scale to give us a number. Is it going up or going down. We can debate what the scale is actually measuring in another post. You get the point. If it goes up you change your approach. If it goes down, keep doing what you are doing. Simple.

We use tests, quizzes and evaluations to determine if we pass or fail. Have we earned the right to move onto the next grade level? If not, you repeat it until you OWN IT!

Salary, bonuses, and job performance reviews tell us if we are doing more than what is expected, doing bare minimum or are we getting FIRED!

We have blood pressure readings, relative ranges in blood work, pulse rates, and hundreds of other measurements to see if we are normal or abnormal…or at RISK for poor health.

So my question to you is… how do you measure movement and the risks involved with exercise?

  • How in the world can you put your body under the duress of hard exercise without knowing how well it moves?
  • Have you earned the right to graduate to the next level of movement and workout intensity?
  • What holds you accountable to passing or failing in the arena of injury prevention and performance enhancement?
  • How do you determine if what you are doing is working beyond just looking better?
  • How can you determine the baseline?

Success depends on progression.

What is your scoring system? Allow me to suggest one…..

Class dismissed!

Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA