Just Because…

Figured it might be time to update some dictionary terms. Why not. Something to do while drinking coffee. I love coffee:)

Modern World Dictionary


  1. a state of being where you are a pussy
  2. expecting the world to apologize because your feelings are hurt. Say hi to the Unicorns for me in your world. I bet they are pretty.
  3. getting a trophy for showing up. Hey here’s one…SWEAT!
  4. I don’t want to work hard, that’s too hard. Can’t you just pay me? I’m here aren’t I?
  5.  pay me lots of money right out of school! I just spent a disgusting amount of money to get a diploma for information I can find on Google
  6.  your Tweet upset me. How could you? Retweet your sorry
  7. keyboard balls. The ones you don’t have in real life.
  8. but I tried really hard, I should get something. Yeah it’s called A LESSON
  9. you’re first line when something doesn’t go your way, ‘that’s not fair.’ Welcome to Mother Nature. She’s a bitch and doesn’t care!
  10. apologize when someone puts an angry face on your Facebook post or tells you they unfriended or unfollowed. Boo Hoo

New definitions added daily as the world continues to pussify. Check back later.

This just in…

don’t give letter grades. That’s too stressful and my kid might feel bad about themselves. Smiley faces work nice. Can we use those? I’ll be sure to tell your employer to add smiley faces to your paychecks. Then you can have something to color during nappy time