Kicks The Hell Out Of Learning Strategies

There are kick ass ways of learning and then there are ways that don’t. How do I know? I’ve been getting my ass kicked on the teaching and lecture circuit for many years now and nothing beats learning by fire. Hopefully these help you change the world. That’s what teaching does, when you do it right.

Optimal learning is not about sitting on your ass listening to someone talk at you for hours. Much like what schools are. That’s why schools suck at teaching useful information. Yeah, I said it. Schools were created in the industrial age because they needed more cogs in the wheel to feed the machine. Pumping out robot clones. (Note: Teachers don’t get insulted. You rock. Or most of you do. You show up everyday doing the best you can with what you have and that commands mad respect. So props to you. It’s the institution that’s to blame. The Suits. The Man.)

Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall.‘ Great song. Of course I had to add it. Different world now and schools are stuck in the past. But, I digress.

Below strategies that will ignite your brain and make learning fun again.

  • Movement kicks the hell out of sitting. The brain learns through the movement and sensory stimulation. Not having your ass sitting in a chair going fast asleep. Sitting kills your psoas, your ass and your soul. Get up and do some type of movement every 10 minutes. Your brain starts to drift at 11 minutes.
  • Writing it kicks the hell out of reading it. Using your hands is a fast track neurosensory input to your brain. When you write it down you remember it better. I used to say use a pen or a pencil, but I guess that’s old-school now. Use your finger. Although I do suggest you go back and play with those other ones once in awhile. If someone can even do cursive writing anymore. Why does that matter? Fine motor skills.
  • Different kicks the hell out of same old same. The brain does not pay attention to boring things. The key to being a great presenter is don’t be like everybody else. What makes you different? It’s you! Do you but with nitro energy and passion.
  • Short kicks the hell out of long. Keep it short, keep it simple, and STOP. Hack away the nonessentials. If you teach don’t blabber on. If you are trying to learn take more breaks. Oh, and move during your break.
  • A picture kicks the hell out of words. The brain processes everything emotionally. Everything. Vision trumps all the other senses when learning. Ever wonder why Instagram is so popular? Now you know. If you teach, lose the freaking wordy words and add more pictures. It forces you to know your material and not read from the slides like a dufus.
  • Talking kicks the hell out of listening. When you teach something you learn it. Passive listening is the worst way to ignite your brain. And of course that’s what schools do. Heaven forbid you cause a ruckus and challenge the status quo. Be a good cog!
  • Breathing kicks the hell out of respiration. Breathing is a conscious endeavor, which means you have to pay attention when doing it. Respiration everybody does or you will be dead. Focus on where and how you breathe. Stop breathing all from your mouth and breathe through your nose. Nose breathing sends more oxygen to the deep part of your lungs and helps you expand the diaphragm more efficiently. Inhale via the nose and exhale via the mouth and repeat. Breathing relaxes you into a parasympathetic state so you can focus and absorb information.

Ain’t nobody got time for that! You don’t have time not to breathe!

There you have it. Now get busy and explode your brain. Change the world. Be a cut above. Start kicking ass. I’ll see ya there.

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