Stop Chasing Pain MOJO Vibration Ball

The MOJO Vibration Ball is our favorite form of self-care techniques for optimizing blood and lymph flow, decreasing muscular/fascial tension, and calming the nervous system. It is the number one self-care tool we teach people to use. We love vibration therapy so much we decided to create our own MOJO Ball and teach you the one-of-a-kind way to use it for optimal results. The Stop Chasing Pain way. The MOJO Vibration Ball way.

$69.99 – Mojo Ball Only
$49.99 – Instruction Video Only
$109.98 – Mojo Ball w/ Instruction Video


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Learn directly from Dr. Perry as he shows you all the SCP MOJO Vibration Ball techniques he teaches clients. You see step by step the location sequences and recommended speeds.

Some of the things you will learn…

  1. Lymphatic flow points to free up stagnant fluid choke points that cause inflammation. This one we call ‘The Life Changer.’
  2. Blood flow points to improve circulation, recovery, and performance to go harder, faster, stronger, longer.
  3. Fascial tension points for stress reduction and better movement and so much more.

You’ve never seen a vibration ball used like this before. Get ready to experience a difference in how you move and feel.

Dynamical systems theory states, a system in the next moment of time depends on the inputs and its state in the previous moments of time. Simply stated, what you did before what you just did, changes what you get. When it comes to the MOJO Vibration Ball the sequence of locations where you apply the ball makes all the difference in how your nervous system responds to the stimulus. Where you put the ball first, second, third, fourth and beyond matters most.

Practical and tactical tips are in SCP MOJO VIBRATION BALL Self-Care Program video.

If you want something simple and practical you can do on your own every day to feel better, the MOJO Vibration Ball is for you. If you have chronic pain and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, the MOJO Ball is for you.


Why we like vibration for feeling better?

Vibration is gentler on an overwhelmed nervous system. We find many patients cannot tolerate direct pressure from a hands-on massage because it is painful, they are too sensitive or too nervous. Many massage devices are simply too strong and overwhelm an already overwhelmed nervous system. Nervous systems that are already stuck in a fight or flight response can be pushed further into a fight or flight because of the added stimulus. This can lead to a cascade of pain later

More isn’t always better when it comes to vibration and massage. Better is better. The Stop Chasing Pain MOJO Vibration Ball has a gentle ripple effect, and you can control the strength of the ripples based on the speeds and the sequence you apply the ball. You learn those in the Self-Care video.


  • Equipped with an adaptor of DC 9V 1A. Can use 2.5H under the full charge. (Continuous discharge in maximum vibration level.) Requires 1.5 hours for a full recharge.
  • Four different vibration speeds, corresponding to the RPM: ①1900±200 RPM ②2100±200 RPM ③1900~3500RPM ④3500±400RPM
  • Vibrating massage ball is wrapped in high-density silicone to grip the skin for an enhanced massage
  • Includes a rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Dimensions: Φ9.5×9 cm
  • Dimensions: Φ9.5×9 cm
  • Backed by 1 year limited warranty