Introducing the Stop Chasing Pain MOJO Navel Wand

Take your health self-care to the next level!

The new Stop Chasing Pain self care soft tissue MOJO Navel Wand to help lymphatic flow, blood flow, nerves, and fascia for recovery, regeneration, and pain.

At Stop Chasing Pain we have a saying…

‘Calm the body. Move the Fluids. Heal.’
The MOJO Navel Wand was created to help you do that.

A uniquely designed white jade stone wand with an acupressure end and scooping handle to release tension around the navel and critical fascial points on the body to calm the nervous system and move blood and lymph to change pain. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

Simple and powerful techniques anyone can do to feel better. Effective things don’t have to be complicated.

Learn the MOJO Navel Wand ‘Four Corner Bullseye Technique’ to reduce tension in the entire body. We focus special techniques on the abdomen and navel (Bullseye) and the hands and feet (4-Corners) that will change how you feel and how you move.

Why this shape of the stone?
The MOJO Wand spoon-shaped end allows for sliding, gliding, and scooping along the skin and fascia to increase blood and lymphatic flow. Increased fluid flow helps remove inflammatory waste products and deliver oxygenated blood for optimal healing.

The rounded acupressure end is for focusing on muscle knots and trigger points. Used along the fascial lines of the navel it can reduce tension everywhere in the body.

Light, compact, and easy grip size for everyone. Travel with it anywhere. You will never be without the ability to release tightness and tension in the body. It’s a game-changer!!

DO NOT use extreme pressure with the Mojo Wand for two reasons:

1.  Soft tissue work does not have to be hard to be effective. Too much pressure causes more pain ,which causes the body to stay tense and tight defeating the purpose of using the MOJO Wand: reducing tension.

2. Extreme pressure will snap the wand. White jade stone is not steel!! We chose white jade stone for its smoothness and feel. Use the Mojo Navel Wand smarter, not harder. More isn’t better, better is better.

Why the navel?
The navel is the origin of life. It’s where you were attached to the placenta. It is the very first scar you formed after being cut from the umbilical cord. All of the fascia in the body connects to a central point in the navel and branches out like a starburst pattern to the entire body. Tightness and tension in the navel can influence blood, lymph, and nerve flow in the abdomen impacting the arms and legs. The navel is one of the most important places of the body you are not looking at now to feel better. And you SHOULD!

Why the hands and feet?
Hands and feet are the endpoints of blood flow and nerves. Primary sensory gathering places for the nervous system so you can navigate your way in the world. Hands and feet take a beating in daily life and are neglected. Tightness and tension in the muscle, fascia, ligaments, and fluid flow in the hands and feet can cause symptoms anywhere in the arms, legs, torso, and head. Working these 4-Corners. A powerful way to calm the body helping to place you into a parasympathetic state so you can heal.

You can use the MOJO Navel Wand on virtually every part of the body.

Why white jade stone?
Stone is strong, durable, light, and easy to clean. From an Eastern Medicine
perspective, white jade is best for reducing the appearance of puffiness and water retention (goodbye under-eye bags!) Jade is believed to have healing properties that help balance bodily fluids and the body’s filtering organs, like the kidneys, bladder, liver, and spleen by removing toxins.

A prized gemstone in ancient China, white jade assists the body in its healing abilities. White jade stone was regarded as ancient China’s most precious intrinsically valuable stone. It was highly prized for its beauty and durability, it symbolized purity and moral integrity, even indestructibility.

Included with Purchase:

Exclusive access to the SCP MOJO Navel Wand Self-Care Video where you learn the life-changing ‘4-Corner Bullseye Sequence’.  Access via the QR code included in your instructional manual. 

Self-care techniques for the…

  • Navel
  • Abdomen
  • Diaphragm
  • Hands
  • Feet

What’s the Secret to the Bullseye?

The MOJO is knowing WHERE to use the Navel wand and in what order. That is the secret to success. You’ve never seen techniques like these with a tool like this. Do this reset daily and you will change pain.

Time to start changing and take back control of how you live.

Available for purchase in the USA only.

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