My Review of Mark and Tracy Reifkind’s DVD Series

September 13, 2010

Mark Reifkind: Lats: The Super Muscle
Tracy Reifkind: Programming the Kettlebell Swing

I decided to review these two DVD’s together as a pair for several reasons. One, Mark and Tracy are married and I thought it would be cool to review them as a set. They have been married for 20-years, and the chemistry between them is evident in the DVD. Second, you will soon discover when you watch the DVD series that the lats are a critical factor in mastering the Kettlebell swing. So, when you learn about how the lats work and the role they play in movement, it will take your swing to a whole new level.

Listen to my podcast interview with Mark and Tracy here. Hear them talk in-depth about the DVD and what inspired them to make it.

Make sure to also listen to the podcast with the Iron Tamer David Whitley who made his own two-disc DVD set with Mark and Tracy

Also look below for sample video clips of the DVD’s.

The Lats… being a sports medicine practitioner and health care provider I work with the lats everyday. The lats are an underlying culprit in almost every chronic injury that presents to my office. Unfortunately, not many people understand the significant impact this muscle plays in injury prevention, sports performance and fitness enhancement. But, you can bet Mark Reifkind does! It was so wonderfully refreshing to see Mark reveal all the ‘secrets’ of the latissimus dorsi muscle. I call them ‘secrets’ because nobody knows about it. Until now…thanks to Mark.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn on this DVD:

  • The role of the lats in movement
  • Anatomy of the lats (origin, insertion, movements)
  • How to engage the lats with arm movements
  • Why it is called ‘The Bridge’ between the upper and lower body
  • Success of the KB Swing with lat engagement
  • The ‘Pendulum’ movement for lat activation
  • How movement origin effects lat development and muscle activation
    …..and tons more.

Everyone can benefit from this DVD. Health and fitness professionals, fitness buffs, athletes of all skill levels and the general public. Why? Because we all have lats and we need them to become better at what we do, and remain injury free.

See more about mark on his blog:

The KB Swing…well now I know why they call Tracy the ‘Queen of the Kettlebell Swing!‘ Holy cow is she good. Tracy is a powerhouse on the swing and her passion for this movement is present in everything she does. Tracy credits the swing with being one of the primary movements that helped her lose over 100 lbs. You can see her incredible transformation here on her blog: Check it out. Such an inspiring tale and Tracy teaches you how she did it.

The Swing DVD is more of an advanced progression of the exercise, yet Tracy does teach some really cool techniques to master beginner movements. I love this exercise, and I have always been looking for new ways to make it more progressive, innovative and challenging. This DVD delivers on all three.

Here is a small sampling of what you will learn from this DVD.

  • Swing mechanics
  • Progressions of timed intervals
  • Relationship to the lats muscle in technique
  • There is a great Q & A Session on this DVD with Tracy, Mark and David Whitley
  • Double arm and single arm variations of the swing
    ….and tons more.

Tracy does a phenomenal job of teaching you the skills and working you out. Trust me, you will be using muscles and breathing hard on this one. Lots of people may show you how to KB Swing, but very few can teach you. This is where the ‘Queen’ shines. To her this is not just an exercise. It is a way to transform your body and your life. She is living testament to it! There is nothing more inspiring than learning from someone who believes in what they do from the heart.

See a sample clip of Tracy taking to the max here:

Mark and Tracy are true givers. They share their knowledge, love, and belief in Kettlebell movements and methods. Now you have the opportunity to be there with them and share in this wonderful gift of learning. Invest in yourself. Invest in your education. Invest in being the best for your clients. Order your DVD’s today. Click below to begin your journey. I did!!

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