My Top 5 Exercises for Legs

Ok, so I admit to having a love hate relationship when it comes to training my legs. I dread doing it, but when I get there and in my ZONE, it’s the best. Due to so many years of what I like to call ‘stupid training’ I messed up my knees and lower back from knucklehead moves like squatting with crappy technique. So I started learning about single leg training from Mike Boyle’s stuff and really liked the results. Plus it helped with stabilizing my hips and turned out it was a tougher workout than using both legs. This is called a win-win. So after trying different exercises I ended up with 5-favorites and here they are. If you dont’ know how to do them just let me know or Google search it. Worthwhile to play around with these and watch how your legs and ass change for the better. Have fun.

  1. Single Leg Box Squat
  2. Single Leg Deadlift
  3. Single Leg TRX- Crossover Squat
  4. Single Leg Reverse Lunge TRX
  5. Box Step Ups with Overhead Press

TRX is one of the most awesome investments for your fitness toolb20ox. It is invaluable in my leg training. GET ONE!