Moving Beyond Mobility

Discover how stability governs movement. Develop an accurate eye for seeing movement compensations. Learn the 5 hidden signs of instability! We’ll take a deep look at rolling, crawling, reaching, pulling, pushing, gait, and movement subsystems of the body. We’ll cover neurodevelopmental patterning, neutral edge, regressions & progressions, and much more!

Fascial Movement taping clinic

FMT certifications are designed for therapists and practitioners who want to furher their understanding of human movement. FMT level 1 addresses theories and applications for rehab, posture, edema and sports performance. FMT level 2 builds on FMT Level 1 concepts, with an emphasis on myofascial pathways, movement therapy and performance enhancement.


February 23, 24, 25, 26 2017


  • Primal Movement Chains: Moving Beyond Mobility (Thursday & Friday)
  • Fascial Movement Taping Clinic (Saturday & Sunday)

Perry’s PMC Workshop Course Outline

  • 20 Primal Movement Patterns from the ground up (crawling, rocking, rolling, turning, transitions)
  • Releasing the Top 5 Joins restricting movement
  • Resetting Fascial lines with ‘Bunkie Test’ (Discover your fascial linchpins)
  • The Stop Chasing Pain RAIL Reset system for movement dysfunction
  • Why you lose mobility in the first place
  • Breathing and the diaphragm powerhouse link to strength
  • Why your neck rules the movement road and how to assess it
  • BIG TOE MOJO (Big Toe. Butt. Belly) and force production
  • Thoracic spine rotation and force transfer
  • Secrets of the Pallof Press with variable resistance bands
  • Fascial Slings and subsystem evaluations
  • The #1 Anti-Rotation Torque Test
  • Nuerolymphatic Chapman activation points to immediately improve strength
  • And more…..