Primal Movement Chains – Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2020 Webcast

Date: November 30th & Dec 1st (10 AM to 4 PM - EST)

Until 11/15 – Midnight
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2-Day Webcast of the movement workshop that started it all! IT’S BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND


The class will be recorded if you cannot make the LIVE event, but you must register.  The recording will then be sent to you and available for viewing for life after the course.  During the webcast, you can ask questions and interact with Dr. Perry and other attendees.

Can’t attend LIVE? No worries. We have your back. You don’t have to be on the LIVE episode to gain access to the materials and recording. Flexibility in learning!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Only 20 tickets available.

This is an interactive movement-based webcast. We recommend you have space to move.


Learn the basic and fundamental movement patterns Dr. Perry teaches all of his clients to build strong and resilient bodies. The 10 critical ground-based movements that build true strength. What’s true strength? The ability to control your own body mass in all situations


Want to know what the best movements to help you recover from pain and build a strong foundation?  We will show ya…


What you will learn?

  • 4Motion concept: Move…More of yourself. More often.  More ways. More environments. Why it’s not about moving better but moving differently.


  • Releasing the 7-Diaphragms of the body to control pressure and stability for movement.


  • Increasing blood flow and removing primary restrictions before movement. The 2-minute reset they will blow your mind


  • Learn the RAIL system: Release. Activate. Integrate. Locomotion. A reset based on how the brain perceives threats and grants strength.


  • The Fall Matrix: The #1 movement I give to everyone to prevent lower back pain and make you crazy strong.


  • How movement patterns stick in the brain. Dynamical Systems Theory and Generalized Motor Programming.


  • Adaptable movement: Using variation, variability, and variety to change pain and break training plateaus.


  • Primal Resting Postures. These active resting positions will natural make you stronger.


Rolling and tumbling patterns

Primal Gait (reset how arms and legs talk to each other)

Unilateral Flip Flops (coordination brain drill)

Climbing and crawling patterns

Baby Getup for rotation power

Emergent patterns. Riding from the floor for core

Twisting and creeping patterns

Circle walking

Infinity walks

Resisted rocking patterns for pelvic floor

Reverse salamander (#1 motion for the hip)


Who is this for?  All humans that want to feel better, move differently, have fun, build strength and resilience, empower themselves to move without fear.

You should be there. We would love to meet you!

Already seeing the power of Primal Movement Chains, Perry! The ONLY thing I added to my client’s workout this morning were the neck and crawling movement chains after our positional breathing. 1 set of 4 reps each. She easily had the best workout she’s ever had with me! I’m really looking forward to learning more with this. Very powerful stuff. Thank you Dr. Perry! – Scott, Boston


Hi Dr. Perry! Just wanted to let you know I incorporated the deep neck flexor RAIL work into my kettlebell class this morning and helped one of my students clear up his neck/T-spine pain. He had been experiencing it for the past several weeks due to a lot of air travel, and hadn’t been able to get relief until today! I also brought in quadrant rolls and contralateral flip flops. Both my beginning and advanced classes really enjoyed them and noticed improvements afterwards. Thank you for inspiring me to get back to my movement roots and for the reassurance that I’m on the right path. – Jennifer, AZ


Good morning Perry, I am just beside myself on how much I enjoyed your class. You were awesome, so wanted to thank you! – Christina, CA


Perry Nickelston’s Primal Movement Chains workshop yesterday was effing’ completely amazing. Some of the stuff I’ve seen other places, all by itself-I’ve never seen it put together into such a cohesive, tight, useful system. So many things came together in my head yesterday. Super, super cool! -Colin, NY