Q and A with Dr. Emily Splichal

Dr. Emily Splichal from Evidence Based Fitness Academy is a dear friend and colleague. A successful podiatrist in New York she is tirelessly teaching and educating all over the world on the importance of Barefoot Training. Her work has been transformational in my treatment program with clients and overall corrective exercise strategy. We met a year ago at Peak Performance Gym in NYC and became close friends She is the go-to-guru on foot mechanics and the impact on movement efficiency. We are doing a joint workshop together December 8th in NYC (REGISTER HERE: Fundamental Movement Assessments) that I am very excited about. I asked her to share a bit about herself to the SCP Tribe and she graciously said yes.

Dr. Emily Splichal
Dr. Emily Splichal

Can you briefly tell the readers a little about your background and how you came up with Evidence Based Fitness Academy?

Of course! I am a Podiatrist in NYC, but long before I became a foot doctor I was involved in fitness as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. My background in fitness (as I’m sure many fitness pros can attest to) gave me a strong appreciation for movement and functionality. It is this background that shaped the way I approached my patients and many causes of foot dysfunction.

Two years ago I started the Evidence Based Fitness Academy as a way to share my appreciation for research and evidence-based practice with the fitness industry. The concept of evidence-based practice is the undertone of my patient care as a Podiatrist and my corrective exercise programming as a fitness professional.

It is my goal to bring evidence-based fitness education to health & fitness professionals. We offer a great price point, as well as many opportunities to stay up-to-date at no cost via our webinars and blogs.

2. How much of your time is spent doing patient care versus educating?

My time is split about 50/50 between patient care and education. Both aspects of my career support each other which is why I love my job. What I learn through research and developing the education programs for the Evidence Based Fitness Academy makes me a stronger, more detailed clinician. I also think there is great value to maintaining both roles – clinician and educator – as I’m sure you can understand.

3. You have a couple new VCore workouts that came out. Can you tell the readers about VCore and how it is unique from any other workout out there?

I’m very excited about my new VCore® workouts that were just released! For anyone who is not familiar with VCore®, it is a barefoot balance training program I created back in 2010. I first began introducing the concept of barefoot balance training with my clients and patients, and quickly saw the benefit that both barefoot training and balance training had on their overall lower extremity alignment and function.

VCore® is my way of sharing these same exercises and the concept of barefoot balance training with the public. For my newest workouts, I partnered with Apogee Media in NYC to create three new VCore® workouts – all in an online/digital format. My favorite of these new workouts is VCore® Cardio, which introduces jumps and more advanced balance combinations.

The newest VCore® workouts can be found on http://vcore.myapogee.com/

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