SCP Podcast #186: Ra Optics and Blue Light with Matt Maruca

October 29, 2020

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Are you suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, low energy and poor sleep? You might need blue light protection. We are relentlessly bombarded with artificial blue light and it is impacting our health. The Founder of Ra Optics joins us today to share his journey of recovering from poor heath by managing blue light exposure. A fascinating story and journey he shares with you. I guarantee you will learn something new here that can change your life or the life of someone you love.  Strap in your brain. Here we go…Brain Candy Snippets:

  •  What is blue light and how does it impact the body?
  •  Why Matt created Ra Optics. What was his driving force?
  •  How wearing blue light blocking glasses improves your health
  • Ever wanted to learn about quantum physics? Now is your chance
  • Mentors and influentials he recommends
  • And  much more…  

Link for RA Optics Stop Chasing Pain Discount: WEBSITE