Ride Longer and Stronger with Rocktape

“Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.” ~Author Unknown

You love the feeling of the open road. Escaping reality and the stresses of life. Either by yourself or with a group of friends. Like minded people who just ‘get it!’ It’s you and the road. The feel of the wind and the roar of the machine. You never want to stop. Just pull that throttle and keep on going. BUT WAIT! That damn lower back starts to get ya after so many miles. The nagging lower back pain that keeps you from doing what you love….RIDING!

The feel of the road is replaced by the feel of lower back pain and stiffness. Gripping and biting at you with every mile. Suddenly riding becomes less of a joy and more of a PAIN! Reality of the limits of your human machine soon kicks in. Perhaps you can’t go for long rides anymore. Maybe you can’t even ride at all. You feel bad being the one in the group that always has to pull over and rest.

Wouldn’t it be great to ride longer and stronger? Well, there is a way. A simple way. And it does not cost you a lot of time and money to use it. Rocktape to the rescue!

What is Rocktape? It’s a supportive adhesive tape (kinesiology tape) that gives stability to parts of your body that are overstressed from poor posture, muscle tightness and stiffness. It’s an easily applied elastic tape that allows you to comfortably move, yet gives added support to help you do what you love longer. You may have seen it worn by athletes during the Olympic Games. Tape is used to help reduce and prevent aches and pains, but also for enhanced performance in whatever activity you like to do.

Simply apply two strips of tape on the back. One on either side and a third across the area with the most discomfort. It locks in the back adding support while you ride. You immediately feel a difference in how you sit on the seat. Since the tape adds a sense of feedback (touch) to the skin you hold better posture for longer periods of time. That means you ride longer. You feel a sense of ‘power’ wearing the tape.

Experience the difference for yourself. Use Rocktape on your back before a ride. You will want it on before every ride. The tape when applied properly can stay on for 5-7 days if needed. You have that cross country ride coming up? Bike show in another state? Fear not. Rocktape has got your back.

Visit rocktape.com. If you live close to me….drop in and I will tape you up 1..2..3! STOPCHASINGPAIN

“Whatever it is, it’s better in the wind.” ~Author Unknown