ROCKBALL MOJO (Powerhouse Hand Fascia)

This one is all about rolling the RockBall on the palm of your hand for powerful mojo in the pain and performance game. Let’s get to it.

Here are four reasons why your hand needs some love.

Homunculus Man

Hands, feet, and mouth. Powerhouse neurosensory feedback locations to the brain for proprioceptive awareness. Simply stated; you feel a ton of shit with your hands, feet and mouth. Rolling the ball lights up your brain. You get an immediate shock and awe to your nervous system. It’s like an Expresso for you noggin! Go ahead try it. Ever wonder why you see a baby sticking their hands and feet in their mouth all the time? It’s an innate way of learning. They can’t move anywhere else so they play with hands and feet. Look at the size of those hands in the picture. WOWZA. Don’t worry I wont ask you to stick your hands in your mouth. Although…

Fascial Lines

Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains Arm lines are in the hand. The fascia in your hand impacts the function of the shoulder and neck. Hell, it affects all of the body. Try grabbing something and not feeling it somewhere else. It’s all connected. There is no break in the continuity of living matter. There are no empty spaces arising from nowhere. So if you have that nagging shoulder and neck pain that just doesn’t go away even after you have treated them try rolling the hand and see what happens. My guess is you feel better.

Grip to Core

Try a little experiment. Stand up right now keeping arms by your side. Now slowly begin to make a fist with each hand. Do you start to feel tension go up into your forearm? Now squeeze harder. Feel it travel to the shoulder. Now squeeze as hard as you can. You should feel your abdominal core muscles engage. That’s the grip to core connection. The harder you grip the more your core engages. HOWEVER, this can be a compensation and I see it all the time in athletes. Lack of timing in the core leads to over gripping to compensate. You lose power and strength over time and you get tendinitis. That’s bad.

Too Much Time in Flexion

Texting, gaming and keyboarding anyone? Finger flexion is rampant. How often do we ever extend the fingers. Not much. Unless you are giving a pretty sweet backhand to someone 🙂 The body craves balance, YIN and YANG. If you are over dominant in finger flexion to extension you have too much YIN and not enough YANG. Don’t ya hate it when that happens? In response to imbalance the body decreases mobility. So you feel more tension in the elbow wrist and shoulder. Rolling the ball helps get you into more finger extension.


It just feels good. That’s reason enough.

See video below. Pretty straightforward but here are a few tips.

  1. Use a spikey ball. It give more feedback. I’m using the ROCKBALL from ROCKTAPE. Get your sack of balls here. (It’s really called a sack of balls) See for yourself. SHOP FOR BALLS
  2. Do 60 seconds on each hand at a minimum.
  3. Breath when you do it. Do not hold your breath
  4. Try doing it on the floor on all fours (Not what you are thinking. Stay with me) Using three points of stability as you roll each hand. It’s better than just sitting in a chair. Your ass doesn’t need to be sleeping when you do this movement. Get up!
  5. Extend your fingers and your wrist
  6. Apply more pressure as you go.
  7. Use your bodyweight and lean into the ball
  8. Stack one hand on top of the other and add addition pressure
  9. Roll in circles and lines.
  10. Stop on tender spots and spend more time. Do it as often as you like.

Ok have fun. Now go play with your balls. Sorry I just had to. Seriously you may notice an immediate change in how you feel. It’s a powerful self help technique that seems simple and it is. Simple is powerful MOJO.

Have fun and thanks for playing. Remember, pain only tells you there is a problem it does not tell you what it is. ‘Where you think it is it ain’t.’ -Ida Rolf