SCP 038: 6-Pack Bags: The Ultimate Meal Management System

October 25, 2010

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Discover the secret you have been searching for in managing your meals and your nutrition.

This awesome product does it all for you in organization and planning. Dr. Perry interviews 6-Pack Bag co-creator Mark Samuel about his revolutionary product and how it can transform your body. Get a 10% off discount as a SCP podcast listener!

I use it everyday and recommend for anyone who wants to take control over their diet. It can make all the difference! This is what I have been searching for in all my 30 years of working out to manage my nutrition. 100’s of diets. One meal management system.

Check out 6-pack Fitness here and place your order today. Enter the password during your order that Mark gives at the end of the podcast to save 10%. Thank you Mark.