SCP 045: Training-Rehab & Rehab-Training with Charlie Weingroff

December 20, 2010

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Awesome interview with my mentor and teacher Charlie Weingroff. A brilliant physical therapist talking about his new DVD for health and fitness professionals.

This 6-Disc DVD is jam packed full of solid information that has made me the doctor I am today. This is a must buy investment for your library of learning. People ask me all the time how I learned what I do everyday in the clinic working with real people…well this is one of the resources!

In this episode Charlie gives a summary of the DVD and targets in on the diaphragm and Inner Core. The title says it all. This DVD shows you how to screen and work with clients to determine if they have earned the right to train hard, improve performance and avoid injury. And tons more. I usually never recommend products, however with this DVD I owe it to you. It is that good!

Click here to see more information about the video and purchase your copy.