SCP Podcast 165: David Whitley ‘The Iron Tamer’ Returns

July 21, 2019

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In this episode David Whitley returns. His first episode was one of our Top 10 most downloaded! This episode is packed with information to help you reclaim mental and physical health. We have such a great time chatting about mindset, workouts, and his brand new training program. This one you will want to listen to a few times. Get your brain ready! We spend an hour talking about…

Brain Candy Snippets:

  •  How you talk to yourself matters
  • Workout with a single dumbbell  to change your body
  • How his young son taught him about resilience 
  • Quick and easy fundamentals you can do to succeed in restoring health 
  • Mindset matters  

Learn more about Iron Tamer here: IRON TAMER