SCP Podcast 168: Oxygen Advantage with Patrick Mckeown

October 17, 2019

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In this episode Patrick Mckeown author of the book The Oxygen Advantage. One of my all tim favorites We spend time talking about the importance of nasal breathing and how mouth breathing is not what you want to do for optimal health. This one you will want to listen to a few times. Lots of a-ha moment will hit ya. Get your brain ready! We spend an hour talking about…

Brain Candy Snippets:

  •  How nose breathing can help asthma
  • Why mouth breathing can make you sick
  • The role of nose breathing and Nitric Oxide in healing  
  • Quick and easy fundamentals you can do to succeed in restoring health 
  • Easy tips and strategies you can do to feel better now

Learn more about The Oxygen Advantage here: OXYGEN ADVANTAGE