SCP Podcast 179: Dr Eric Cobb of Z-Health Round 2

July 4, 2020

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One of the most influential people in my personal and professional life. Just a fantastic human and wicked smart too. Eric is back for more. You wanted him back and here he is…ready to melt your brain. Good thing he knows how to fix those. Make sure you go back and listen to his first episode. Get ready, you are going to learn a ton and have some fun too. His laugh alone makes you feel better. Strap yourself in. And away we go…

Brain Candy Snippets:

  •  The power of the brain in healing chronic pain
  •  Why the brain matters in movement 
  • Review of some of the most recent brain research 
  • Things you can do right now to feel better
  • And much more…  
  • Highly recommend beginning courses are below 

Link to his free (for now) Fundamentals Course: FUNDAMENTALS

Link to his R and I Phase course combo Course: R and I PHASE BUNDLE