SCP Podcast #180: Dr. John Amaral

July 24, 2020

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Really excited to have Dr. Amaral on the show. Was turned onto his work by my Director of Operations Luisa and loved it. His segment on the Netflix series Goop Lab was intense and mind blowing. Luisa reached out and Dr Amaral was kind enough to say yes! So here he is. He is a fellow chiropractor concentrating on somatic energy work and one hell of a nice human being. Strap yourself in. And away we go…

Brain Candy Snippets:

  •  The power of somatic energy in healing
  •  Why movement and sound are essential to healing
  • His journey of discovering energy work
  • Things you can do right now to feel better
  • And much more…  
  • Highly recommend his courses

Link to more information about Dr. Amaral: WEBSITE