SCP Podcast 185: Healing with Light Therapy

October 18, 2020

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Are you suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, low energy and poor sleep? This show is for you. If you know anything about me I love a couple of things: Movement, lymphatics, and laser light. I have been using laser therapy for almost 15 years and credit it for saving me from lower back surgery. Recently I’ve been using a full body red light bed from Theralight 360 that has change the game for me and my patients. I have invited my good friend Jeff Gavette to come on and talk to you about red light and how it can help you heal. Strap in your brain… Brain Candy Snippets:
  •  What does red light do for healing the body?
  •  What are the different types of red light
  •  How lying in a red light bed helps you  
  • How do you know what type of laser light to use?
  • Case studies and success stories
  • And  much more…  
Link to more information about Theralight: WEBSITE