SCP Podcast 187: Dr. Rick Hanson Neuroscience of Happiness

November 4, 2020

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Dr. Rick Hanson joins the show and we have a blast. Who doesn’t like to talk about happiness and joy?  I know I do. So we do 🙂 This is a fascinating journey into looking at the brain and happiness. In his new book Neuro Dharma Dr. Hanson explores new science, ancient wisdom, and seven practices of the highest happiness. And we have him all to ourselves for an hour. Strap in your brain. Here we go… Brain Candy Snippets:
  •  How happiness maps in the brain
  •  What did the ancients know that we need to remember 
  •  How can we change our brains for the better
  • Things you can do today to make yourself happier
  • Mindful relationships
  • And  much more…  
Link to Dr. Hanson and his work: WEBSITE