SCP Podcast #190 :Dr. Josh Axe and the Collagen Diet

December 31, 2020

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This is an episode recorded in 2019. Had it in the archives and brining it to you now. Dr. Josh Axe is on the show. We delve  into healing and inflammation and autoimmune disease  You don’t want to miss this one. It’s 30-minutes but packed with lots of gems. He has the most popular health and wellness website on the internet because he loves to share information with you. Now he’s doing it with us. Get your brain ready…
  •  Why collagen is so important to healing inflammation
  •  What is inflammation and why are we riddled with it?
  •  His journey into creating the Dr. Axe website   
  • The role of the gut in inflammation  
  • Why different foods influence inflammation    
  • And  much more…  
Link to Dr. Axe and his stuff : WEBSITE