SCP Podcast 191: Dave Asprey (Fast This Way)

January 13, 2021

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This episode we have Dave Asprey talking about his new book, Fast This Way.  You now him as the creator of Bulletproof. We dive into how fasting impacts healing and inflammation. You don’t want to miss this one.  Fasting has made a huge difference for me in healing from my autoimmune disease. I was riddled with so much inflammation and brain fog I could barely function. Fasting was something I never considered trying to help. I’m glad I did! It was 180 degree change. Dave has dedicated his life to helping others overcome the ravages of inflammation and this book will change your life. Get your brain ready. Headed your way…

  •  The stages of fasting
  •  Sleep and fasting 
  •  Inflammation and mitochondria   
  • The joy of going without  
  • Why different foods influence inflammation    
  • And  much more…  

Link to his new book Fast This Way : WEBSITE