SCP Podcast 194: Dr. Kelly Starrett (Movement, Pain, and Other Stuff

February 18, 2021

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This episode we have Dr. Kelly Starrett. A pioneer in the world of movement, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Founder of MobilityWOD and The Ready State. Author of best selling books, speaker, teacher, educator, game changer, boundary pusher and one hell of a great friend to me. A true inspiration when it comes to helping others live their best life. Strap your brain in for this one. He’s gonna melt a little bit of it. In a good way. Some stuff we cover…

  •  Pain. What is it and how do we change it?
  •  Talking movement. Lots about movement
  •  Recovery strategies from surgery  
  • The state of fitness and health today
  • Why he started The Ready State and what it means
  • Looking at the body through a different lens
  • And  much more…  

Link to Dr. Starrett: THE READY STATE