SCP Podcast 198: Getting to Know Stop Chasing Pain

April 4, 2021

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In this podcast episode we do something a little bit different! While I’m usually the interviewer, in this episode I was the interviewee!  For two hours,  my Director of Operations, Luisa and I take the time to open up and give you a sneak peek into my brain. It can be really scary in there sometimes, but I hope are able to discover some valuable information and enjoy listening! Let’s get right into it!  Some of the things my brain opens up about are…

  • How I overcame my fear of public speaking
  • My morning routine and what my day is like
  • My mentors and who shaped my thought process
  • Journaling and why I do it
  • How I came up with the name Stop Chasing Pain
  • My journey in overcoming obesity,  shyness and social awkwardness  
  • And  much more…