SCP Podcast Episode 207: Amberly Lago – The Power To Change Your Life

July 2, 2021

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In this episode, join us as we talk with the inspiring Amberly Lago.

At age 38, Amberly’s life was turned upside down. Hit by an SUV and recovering from 34 surgeries to save her leg from amputation. Diagnosed with an incurable disease dubbed the suicide disease. As result, she lost her business and had zero self-confidence.

She had spiraled down into a depression because she had tried everything for her chronic pain and nothing worked.

Have you ever felt so hopeless and stuck you wanted to give up? Well, that was Amberly. Then one night she was lying in her hospital bed and her life flashed before her eyes. 

Amberly’s unwavering commitment to regain her active lifestyle of training clients transformed her tragedy into victory and she motivates her audiences to find resilience in their own difficulties. She is a fierce advocate for others who suffer from CRPS and proves that any challenge can be overcome by the support of others as well as a determination and belief in oneself.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  • Amberly’s story
  • True Grit And Grace
  • Hope
  • Tragedy into triumph
  • Empowering yourself in the face of medication
  • And so much more

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