SCP Podcast Episode 209: Tara Youngblood – Reprogram Your Sleep

August 4, 2021

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In this episode, join us as we talk with Tara Youngblood, author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works.

Tara Youngblood is the founder and CEO of Chili’s Sleep, a company that creates award-winning technologies and apps that are changing the way the world sleeps. Their Chili Cool Mesh signature product has been used by Presidents, celebrities, and CEOs.

A leading sleep authority, Tara has given a TEDx talk on the recipe for effective sleep. In addition, she has spoken for National Sleep Foundation, Charlotte Science Museum, Wellness conferences, and Health Optimization Summit.

Tara is the sleep coach for the Cincinnati Reds and has consulted with the military and veteran groups.

Tara’s own exploration with sleep started when she lost a child and began her ten-year healing journey. Already a trained scientist with a BS in Science and Physics, Tara studied traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practices, neuroscience, and psychology.

Among other things, she concluded that the link between sleep and mental health was essential. These insights form the basis of her work consulting with companies, keynote presentations, and technical innovations.

Tara founded and heads the Benjamin Youngblood foundation in honor of her son. The non-profit donates to various charities such as the YMCA in her community of Mooresville, North Carolina.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  • Sleep and pain
  • Sleep recipe
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Mental illness and sleep
  • Athletic performance and sleep 
  • Circadian Rythm 
  • Genetics and sleep
  • Naps
  • Sleep tracking
  • Stress and dreaming
  • Tips for better sleep
  • And so much more!

For more on her work or her book, follow Tara Youngblood on Instagram @the_sleep_geek and @chillisleep and on her website at

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