SCP Podcast Episode 245: Dr. Dain Heer: Body Whispering – A New Way of Seeing, Being & Healing

June 29, 2023

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In this episode, join us as we talk with Dr. Dain Heer, the Body Whisperer, Author, and Co-creator of Access Consciousness.

Beginning his journey as a chiropractor, Dr. Dain Heer has been facilitating, exploring, and celebrating the magic of bodies for the last 30 years.

Along his journey, he developed his signature energy work called the Energetic Synthesis of Being®: A totally different way that invites a new level of awareness and transformation with bodies.

Dr. Dain Heer inspires others to reconnect with their intelligent inner system, transform limitations into possibilities, and create a different relationship with bodies that include kindness, caring, and communion.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  • What your body would tell you if you were listening
  • Judgment and survival 
  • What the pain in your body really means
  • Energy is our first language
  • Steps to love the body you are in
  • Consciousness
  • Choosing to let go 
  • How to re-learn your body’s first language of energy
  • Who does this belong to
  • Functioning from question
  • Feeling lighter vs heavier
  • What’s the gift
  • Are you an empath? How not to be affected by everyone and everything
  • And so much more…

Purchase your copy of the book here – Body Whisperer Book

To learn more about Dr. Dain Heer, visit her at: or @dainheer and @accessconsciousness.