SCP Podcast Episode 253: The Mayan Wisdom Project – Solveig Barrios

May 22, 2024

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In this episode, we speak with Solveig Barrios, co-founder of The Mayan Wisdom Project a Guatemala-based Indigenous education platform and marketplace bringing ancient Maya teachings, culture, and wisdom to the modern world. 

Driven by concern over the misappropriation and dilution of Mayn traditions, Solveig has repurposed deep insights and lessons from her late father, the renowned Mayan spiritual leader, Tata Carlos Barrios, into online educational content for a burgeoning international community.

Solveig dedicates herself to empowering the Mayan community and sharing their sacred wisdom globally through online masterclasses on mental health, wellness, and transformative Mayan practices; as well as her carefully selected Mayan traditional items.  Solveig leads community projects with leaders of the Q’eqchi Maya nation in the town of Lanquin, Guatemala to uplift and empower them.

To support the local economy in Guatemala, the Mayan Wisdom Project works directly with Indigenous, family-owned businesses and regenerative farmers to bring their products to the global market.

Solveig’s unwavering commitment to the safety and prosperity of the Maya people has allowed this small project to flourish into a global movement whilst upholding its mission to honor the legacy of Tata Carlos, whose pioneering work paved the way for this profound cultural exchange.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  • The Mayan Wisdom Journey
  • Spirituality
  • Mayan Geo-Cosmovision
  • Balance 
  • Cholq-ij 
  • Preventative Medicine 
  • Duality 
  • Benefits of Cacao
  • Biodiversity
  • Jade 
  • Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Cacao Challenge 
  • Supporting Communities
  • And so much more…

To join the upcoming Cacao Challenge or to learn more about Solveig and The Mayan Wisdom Project, visit  or on Instagram at @themayanwisdomproject.

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