SCP Podcast Episode 254: Mea Water – Structured Water with Robert Gourlay

June 7, 2024

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In this episode, join us as we talk with guest, Robert Gourlay, RFD, B.App.Sc, M.App.Sc.. Very excited to bring you this episode and this topic. Hydration and the critical importance of taking in the best quality water so your body can thrive and heal. Our guest on this episode Robert Gourlay will help us understand what structured water actually means and how his Mea Water™️ devices restore the natural negative charge to water that cells need to heal heal, recover, and regenerate.

Robert is the inventor of MEA Water ® Devices. Since 1992, Robert has specialized in biological research, water structure science, groundwater mapping, bore location, resource assessment, and management.

Robert has led the world in developing and applying techniques in using airborne radiometric data for mapping salinity, other soil properties, and minerals. In addition, he has pioneered a new mapping technique in the location of deep, fractured rock groundwater sources.

Since 2000, Robert’s innovations in water structure science have pioneered the research and development of MEA Water ® Devices. These devices hold the key to water and food security.

MEA Water ® means – Magnetic – Energised – Activated. Water transforms into an energised life-affirming form free of toxic load. This state is where your cells regulate and heal at their highest potential, supporting a healthy life.

Get back to the way nature works. Enjoy the episode

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