Simplicity Series: 10 Simple Nutrition Strategies That Work!

My thought process is pretty simple and is based on the results I see in real life. I have been in the trenches of health and fitness for 30 years. I see all the BS that gets put out every year and it is way worse now that the Internet gives free reign on total idiotic nonsense.

I started the ‘Simplicity Series’ for a reason. Bruce Lee once said that, ‘Simplicity is the key to brilliance.’ And that is a brilliant statement. We tend to over complicate everything and second guess ourselves. Sometimes it really is just that simple to get where you want to go.

Problem is, nobody ever said simple was EASY! It’s just the commitment and dedication level of the individual that makes the difference. Facts are still facts whether you believe them or not.

Gravity exists. Fact! Whether you believe in it or not is irrelevant. If you step off a roof, trust me gravity is gonna be there to ensure you fall right on your ass!

So in the spirit of gravity I am going to share with you 10 simple nutrition strategies that work to help you lose weight. Believe in them or not…up to you. They still work regardless.

  1. Give up the barcode and start eating more from bags (Props to Mike Roussell for this awesome tip) That means stop eating boxed processed food and go more natural with stuff in bags.
  2. Eat protein and fat for breakfast. Skip the carbs until your first snack of the day. Great for rapid fat loss in women.
  3. Eat a nutrition post workout shake 30-minutes after you train to replenish glycogen and metabolic hormone production.
  4. Stop skipping meals. Kills your insulin level and makes you dysglycemic. Meaning you are all over the map when you ingest carbs.
  5. Drink more water…being dehydrated makes you store bodyfat.
  6. Don’t be afraid to eat at night, especially if you want to gain lean muscle. Make it protein based. If you are training the right way, you will not get fat. Learn to eat like an athlete and give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild tissue. Your brain and your fear of getting fat is what gets in the way here.
  7. Stop drinking juices and sodas. Even fruit juices. Eat the fruit instead.
  8. Eat and eat again. (another Mike Roussell gem) Whatever you eat portion size, can you eat the same size again 3 hours later? Meaning if you eat that huge meal, can you eat it again 3 hours later? If not, reduce your portion size to that which you can. Big difference.
  9. Ingest 70% of your carb intake for the day at the 2 meals after your workout session. Regardless of the time of time you train. It’s all about restoring glycogen and optimizing hormones.
  10. STOP starving yourself. Go no lower than 10 x your lean body weight in calories. Lean body weight is your target weight. That number is the minimum amount of calories you need for basic metabolic function. Your body will not allow you to gain muscle and lose fat if you are not even giving it the calories and nutrients it needs for basic survival. Plus you totally imbalance your metabolic hormones because you screw up insulin sensitivity when you starve yourself.

11. Bonus>>>eat more fruit and vegetables.

OK there ya have it…up to you now. Simple! And sure you can disagree with stuff in here and that is ok. It won’t make a difference on me doing them. Why? They work.

See ya on the other side.