Small Is BIG

We often take the small things for granted. The little progressions don’t have the same BOOM as big changes. We want it fast and we want it now. However, I contend that small is where the magic happens.

Changing your life takes habit. And habits never happen quickly. They take time.

Stop thinking 100% and start thinking 10%.

10% more strength in your hips can make the difference between getting up and down the stairs without assistance.

10% more range of motion in the ankle can make the difference of having no low back pain.

10% better breathing patterns can alleviate stress levels and headaches you constantly experience.

10% more attention to movement can change the poor habits that are leading to your pain

10% more water intake can keep you from getting dehydrated and sick

10% more attention to your attitude can change the attitude of everyone around you

10% more kindness can change the world

10% more love can save a relationship

10% more effort can make you a champion

10% less food on your plate can shed unwanted pounds

10% less negative thinking makes you happier

10% more time with your children changes their future

10% less television makes you smarter

10% more reading eventually makes you an expert

10% on top of 10% gets you closer to 100%

Never take for granted the power of small incremental changes. Like water dripping on a rock it keeps chipping away. The rock yields to the never ending drops.

Be the drops!

Embrace the 10!!

Stay Strong,